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June 16-22, 2019

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Directed by Kathy Hepner and Lisa Gill

A violent thunderstorm rages, a drug dealer is on the loose, the police comb the area for an escaped mental patient, and in the middle of it all sits stately Silver Crest Manor, a once respected nursing home. On the outside a seemingly benign and placid place; on the inside, a setting for a devious plot masterminded by a trio of greedy scoundrels. Hilarity abounds amidst the confusion as patients disappear, identities are mistaken, and double dealing is revealed. Hold on to your walkers because Losing Patients will keep you guessing and laughing right up to the surprise finish.


Benny Goodyear: Rick Lefler
Dr. Francis Long: Jim Woodward
Nurse Montgomery: Angie Goluba
Rod Reeler: Nik Frig
Kitten Radio Voice/Henderson/Paduski:   Chloe Clayton
Radio Announcer: Bill Jankowski
Nina: Corrie Pavlick
Clayborne: Dawn Cardwell
Annie: Sandy Conrad
Mike Radio Voice/LeRoy McCoy: Pete Hamilton