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September 8 - 14, 2019

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Directed by Bill Jankowski

Jack is in love with Kitty, Charley with Amy, and both need Charley’s Aunt to help. But when she doesn’t turn up, they coerce their friend and fellow student into posing as the widowed millionaire, so they can confess their feelings to the girls. Things become more complicated when first, Jack’s father and then Amy’s uncle turn up. Both take a keen interest in Charley’s Aunt, “from Brazil – where the nuts come from.” One of the most popular comic farces of all time, Charley’s Aunt has been loved since its original performances in 1893. 


Jack Chesney:      J.C. Klein 
Charley Wykeham:  Nicholas Harcar
Lord Fancourt “Babbs” Babberley:  Nik Frig
Kitty Verdun: Alisha Prunty
Amy Spettigue:  Abbie Lesman
Donna Lucia D’Alvarez:  Maggie Frost
Colonel Sir Francis Chesney:  Rob Tyne
Stephen Spettigue:  Joe Nolan
Brassett:  Scott Sibert
Ella Delaney:  Chloe Claybino