Directed by Nik Frig

October 14-17, 2021

Director Nik Frig has a real "treat" and likely a few "tricks" in store this Halloween season as he presents a new, exclusive to ELT adaptation of the public domain Broadway classic comedy chiller "The Cat and The Canary." Shadows loom large and the cat creature prowls in a mysterious remote mansion when a murder occurs during the reading of the will of rich eccentric Cyrus West.


Cats eyeCast
      Elowen Penhaligan: Kathy Hepner
    Roger Crosby: Jeff Houk
    Harry Blythe: Brian Steep
    Cecily Young: Serena Armstrong
    Susan Sillsby: Sarah Jo Breyne
    Charlie Wilder: Mark Fulkerson
    Paul Jones: Dan McKenzie
    Annabelle West: Patricia PJ Olsen
    Hendricks: Bob Philip





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