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February 20 - 22, 2015


An Endowment Show

Directed by Angie McKenzie




Diane: Bobbi Roberson  Danielle: Karly Swords  Sadie: Karen Lesman  Christine: Samantha Farb
 Cookie: Kelly Johnson  Lu: Kathy Hepner  Lilla: Sheila McDonald  Michelle: Deana Brown
 Grace: Melanie Maskel   Stephanie: Abbie Lesman  Alice: Karen Leifheit  June: Adrienne Van Horn 


A familiar adage states, "Men may work from sun to sun, but women's work is never done." In Blue Yonder, the audience meets twelve mesmerizing and eccentric women including a flight instructor, a firefighter, a stuntwoman, a woman who donates body parts, an employment counselor, a professional softball player, a surgical nurse professional baseball player, and a daredevil who plays with dynamite among others. Through the monologues, each woman examines her life's work and explores the career that she has found. Or that has found her.