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August 11 - 17, 2019

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  Directed by Marlee Reel

The villainous Barnaby has fallen in love with sweet Mistress Mary Quite Contrary.  If he can’t buy her love, then he’ll force her to marry him by threatening to foreclose on her mother, the poor Widow Piper.  Mary already has her heart set on marrying Barnaby’s nephew Alan — but not if Barnaby can help it!  He hires two bumbling ruffians to do away with Alan, but Alan returns to Mother Goose Land amidst much rejoicing.  Mary journeys to the mysterious Toyland, there we encounter the magical mystery of Toyland as we meet the Master Toymaker and his quirky assistants Grumio and Marmaduke.  This charming musical tale through the worlds of Mother Goose Land and Toyland will delight your audiences year-round. 

Widow Piper: Holly Hladovcak Mistress Mary: Tessa Walker
Barnaby: Dalton Dean Alan: Nick Yanek
Gonzorgo: Alex Bacha Roderigo: Bella Dean 

Tom Tom the Piper’s Son: Christian Gill

Little Bo Peep: Andie Kerestes 
Little Miss Muffet: Olivia Granados  Mary Had a Little Lamb: Olivia Smith
Little Boy Blue: Christopher Pollett Little Betty Blue: Myleigh Muhlstadt
Jack Be Nimble: Devin Lawton Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater: Blaine Lefler
Little Jack Horner: Matthew Sims Goldilocks: Cora Schultz
Jack: Joe Pavlick Jill: Katie Monaghan 
Little Red Riding Hood: Ryann Lee Master Toymaker: Cole Lefler
Grumio: Ted Neuman Inspector Marmaduke: Brady Palm
Evie the Head Elf: Rheagan Goluba Ballerina: Elizbeth “Bissie” Abbott
The Mother Spider: Lillian Austin 


 Spiderettes/Elves/Toys: Abigail Granados, Brooklynn Graham, Rylee Reel, Aubree Gallick, Melody Reel, Elizabeth Reel, Alyssa Hladovcak, Aubree Kovash, Jordan Kirkman

Gypsies/Elves/Toys: Kenzie Reinhold, Natalie Hudson, Kaitlyn Palm, Megan Pavlick, Lydia Dornik, Victoria “Tori” Campbell, Rylynn Grako, Ali Lefler, Juliana Schultz, Lillian Austin, Matthew Happold, Isabella Moore, Mary Whaley, Katherine Bressner, Skyleigh Speirer

Assistant Director: Kelly Lefler; Musical Director: Emma Reel; Choreographers: Sophia Abbott, Avin Washington; Stage Manager: Lisa Gill: Kid Wranglers/Ripley Holders: Karyn Lawton; Stage Crew: Rob Abbott, Simon Ross, Evan Lake, Spring Lefler; Light Operator: Eliza Missel: Sound Operator: Cora Walker. Backstage Wranglers: Dedicated Parents and Family Members; Photographers: Dan and Angie McKenzie.