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Kathy Tombaugh


1987- Our Show of Shows- Pianist
1988- A Bad Year for Tomatoes- Cora Gump
1989- The Foreigner- Lighting
1990- Free to Be... You and Me- Ensemble
1990- Old Faces Deja Vu- Soloist
1991- Dracula- Miss Wells
1993- The Sounds of Things to Come- Accompanist
1994- Dearly Departed- Marguerite/ Joy of Life Singer
1995- Rescue in the Night- Director/ Set Construction
1996- Oklahoma- Aunt Eller
1999- Nunsense- Sister Mary Leo
1999- Really Rosie- Director/ Set Design
2000- Steel Magnolias- Clairee Belcher
2001- Nunsense II: The Second Coming- Sister Mary Leo
2003 Faith County- Naomi Farkle/ Costumes
2005- Grease- Miss Lynch/ Set Crew
2006- Showtune- Accompanist
2007 Golden Faces- Ensemble