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Linda Vandemark


1988- The Odd Couple (female version)- Mickey
1988- A Bad Year for Tomatoes- Set Decoration/ Set Construciton
1988- Once Upon a Mattress- Set Crew
1989- Brighton Beach Memoirs- Kate
1990- Murder at the Howard Johnson's- Director
1990- Old Faces Deja Vu- Blackout
1991- The Pajama Game- Properties
1992- Squabbles- Mildred Sloan
1992- Little Shop of Horrors- Set Construction
1993- Cooking with Gus- Director/ Set Decoration
1994- The Cemetery Club- Doris
1995- Love, Sex and the IRS- Properties
1996- The Button- Director
1997- MacBeth Did It- Properties
2001- The Second Time Around- Laura Curtis
2004- Beau Jest- Miriam Goldman
2005- Over The River And Through The Woods- Emma
2006- Good Help Is So Hard To Murder- Delilah
2007- Cheating Cheaters- Director