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Sixteen individuals have each been awarded a $250 scholarship from Community Players of Streator, Inc.  These individuals qualified for the scholarship because they are currently enrolled in either a two-year or four-year college or university, majoring in their respective curriculums; and they have been involved in some capacity at Engle Lane Theatre in Streator in the past five years.  Community Players of Streator, Inc. has been awarding student scholarships since the organization began in 1958.  In just the past five years the organization has awarded over $20,000 in scholarships to eligible recipients.

The 2015 Scholarship Recipients include the following:

  • Hillari Behrens, Marseilles, Illinois Valley Community College – Industrial Electrician
  • William Darrow, Streator, Illinois State University – Chemistry
  • Perla Escatel, LaSalle, Illinois Valley Community College – Health Science
  • Lauren Finkelstein, Streator, University of [email protected] – Kinesiology
  • Emily Gula, Streator, Southern Illinois [email protected] – Exercise Science
  • Jasmin Hallowell, Streator, Millikin University – Psychology
  • Jacob Harcar, Streator, Boston College – Biochemistry
  • Koban Havelka, Ottawa, Southern Illinois [email protected] - Accounting
  • Richard Jodts, Ottawa, University of [email protected] – Biomedical Engineering
  • Raley Mauck, Spring Valley, University of [email protected] – Communications
  • Luke Parker, Ottawa, University of [email protected] – Music Technology
  • Nicole Rybarczyk, Dalzell, Western Illinois University – Graphic Design
  • Zach Scarbrough, Bureau Junction, Illinois Valley Community College – Communications
  • Emily Schaumberg, Streator, Northern Illinois University – Vocal Music Education
  • Emily Swain, Ottawa, Western Illinois University – Theatre/English Education
  • Bailey Wheatland, Streator, Savannah College of Arts and Design – Visual Effects

When asked how their experience at Engle Lane Theatre has impacted their personal development, some of their responses included the following:

I'm pleased to call Engle Lane my home theater. I hope many more people are able to experience this place how I have.

Engle Lane has taught me responsibility, respect, dedication, and perseverance.  Engle Lane has played a huge role in my life and I am glad that I will always be able to be a part of it.

Engle Lane has given me my love of singing, taught me valuable life lessons, and given me lifelong friendships. I am so happy that Engle Lane has always been in my life.

This community theatre has taught me many life skills such as compassion, kindness and how to lend a helpful hand when needed to. I always will have a little bit of Engle Lane with me wherever I go and I really hope to return to it soon.

My first production at Engle Lane was an eye opener as far as the commitment needed to reach its full potential.  All the hard work and teamwork put forth by everyone was refreshing. The energy and dedication of all the people involved made me want to do more. It was inspiring.  It was an experience I will cherish forever.

Engle Lane helped me gain a longstanding appreciation for music and theatre and I have been made into a more diverse person as a direct result of my time at the theatre.

Through my experience at Engle Lane I gained the knowledge of acting and confidence in myself.  I can honestly say that preforming at Engle Lane has changed my life for the better.

Not only were the people of Engle Lane Theatre extremely welcoming and accepting, they have kept ties and friendships with me even though I live outside of Streator.  It has strengthened my love for the performing arts.

Engle Lane made me fall in love with theatre. I learned how much work goes into a show and how rewarding it is.  Maybe this isn't an "experienced gained" in the technical sense of the words, but it gave me something that brings me joy, and I can't imagine my life without it.

By taking part in productions at Engle Lane I have learned to have confidence in myself.  I have also learned responsibility, how to stay organized, how to manage my time well.  It gave me the opportunity to work with some great people and make lasting friendships.