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October 1-2, October 4-7, 2022

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A Comedy directed by Jeni Shaver



Kenneth Persky
as Agent 86 Maxwell Smart
Jennifer Kirkman
as Agent 99
Thomas Bickel
as The Chief
Brian Shaver
as Mr. Big
Carol McConville
as Professor Zalinka/Miss Finch
Corbin Shaver
as Professor Dante/Man/Agent 13
Devin Lawton
as Agent 44
Ed Green
as Garth
Mya Shaver
as Agent 86 Maxwell Smart
Mary Ann Neuman
as Helen/Mary Wong
Georgia Darby
as Mya/Shirley Wong
Lisa Gill
as Jane/Betsy Wong
Mackenzie Freeman
as Ann/Big Sister
Kelli Mulstadt
as Freda/Jill
Myleigh Mulstadt
as Laura/Little Sister
Karen Austin
as May/Woman



This classic comedy will delight audiences young and old with all the characters, cliches, and gadgets that we loved from the television series. Bringing Maxwell Smart, 99, and a host of zany characters to the Engle Lane stage.